Saturday, September 13, 2008

Praying for Those Affected by Ike

Well Hurricane Ike has made landfall and has done its' damage. It's still going and going like the energizer bunny, but it is getting weaker. I pray for all those who have been affected by the wind and storm surge and those who may have been injured or lost their lives. I would also add that prayers are coming for those killed and hurt in the train collision in L.A. and for their families and loved ones.

Here it is,Saturday night and I am home with my babies: Gizmo and Angel, my chihuahua and cat. I will have to post pictures when I can find the best ones on my computer. Actually I will take new ones I think. My real baby, Jason, is 19 and at work at Carrabbas at the moment.

I've added some new items to my Etsy store. Unlike most of what I've been making, these do not utilize polymer clay and they are earrings, an item that my store was in need of. Also, I had these beautiful Sterling Silver ear wires that were begging to be put to good use. Actually, the ear wires are made of Argentium Sterling silver, which is sterling silver with a touch of germanium, an element that strongly inhibits tarnishing. You can find a large selection of Argentium Sterling wire and findings at Rio Grande. If you are a jewelry crafter and have not made use of this superb supplier of fine jewelry tools, gems and findings, I would strongly recommend checking them out. They will also send you their catalogues free when you register.
Well, until next time, have a great night and enjoy the rest of the weekend.


A Beaded Affair said...

I took a trip through your shop. It's looking really great. I love the argetium sterling wire too. I have pieces that have sat out for months without tarnishing. It is certainly worth the small additional cost for the convenience. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your polymer clay when you get to posting it.

Anonymous said...

Your polymer clay work is truly inspiring. You've really learned some very fantastic detailed techniques to make your beads so rich and multi-faceted...great work. Welcome to eSMArts! Teri

Joani said...

Thanks Teri! I can't believe that I did not have your blog on my list yet. Well S and T are further down the alphabet. I have you on now.
I have been busy trying to increase my inventory, so I haven't blogged yet this week.
Good luck and God Bless.